What We Do

Our Unique Activities and Entertainment will draw customers, and keep them coming back.

New revenue streams, better customer satisfaction, incredible activities and professional entertainment are what Havik Circus will bring to your business. With over 10 years of experience, we have developed programs from all-inclusive to stand alone shows that have all been successful.

Professional Shows

Havik Circus has the unique opportunity to create Vegas quality shows at a fraction of the cost. Our close relationships with graduates of the national schools of circus in Montreal and Quebec City (http://www.nationalcircusschool.ca/en/home) as well as our network of previous employees provide us with a cost effective way to produce the same high quality shows that can be seen in Vegas. Many of our employees have worked with other circus companies (including Cirque de Soleil), but love working for our company because of the quality shows and the fun working environment we produce. Our creative staff has produced iconic shows for hotels even at all-inclusive budgets. A 200 seat ticketed dinner show can generate over a million dollars in yearly revenue with just 3 show nights per week.

Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers happy and your rooms full. The addition of our shows and activities will vastly improve your businesses entertainment.

This will now become your strong point and a reason guests will return to your business.

Also just having our circus program will attract new customers. Havik Circus can be used by your marketers to show that your business provides unique and exciting entertainment that other resorts cannot match.

Your Satisfaction

Havik Circus understands that our safety, hard work, and professionalism can translate directly to the success of your property, and if you are satisfied with our product, it will mean future success between our companies.